You’ve done Wood Badge… Now what?

Be proud of those Wood Badge beads around your neck. It was
no small task to earn them. But now we bet you’re hungry for even more
high-level leadership training.

Until last year, your options were few and far between, but
not anymore. Now you can bring your leadership skills to new heights by checking
out the Philmont Leadership Challenge.

That’s the third level of adult training, and it’s only for
Scouters who already have been through Wood Badge. If Wood Badge is the
action-packed movie about effective leadership, PLC is the thrill ride based on
the movie. You visualize the lessons learned by experiencing them yourself—while
enjoying the beautiful country in Cimarron, N.M.

Interested in attending? Organizers are offering two
sessions this year, doubling the number from ’08. The course costs $450, and
you can attend from Aug. 16-22, 2009, or Sept. 20-26, 2009. To register, simply
express your interest to your local council, and they’ll help start your
application process. Find more details about the program here.

May we also suggest rereading Scouting magazine’s story, “First
Among Equals”
 about the 2008 pilot program. That group had an
incredible adventure, and now it’s your turn. Experience PLC for yourself. But
hurry, space is limited.

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